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Computer Weekly blogger award finalist   Computer Weekly blogger award finalist
IT Toolbox gold achievement for blogging

Industry veteran Trevor Eddolls' blog was short-listed for an award by Computer Weekly in November 2010 and 2009.

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Taking the tablets!
CA provides May Mainframe Madness
New virtual CICS user group
Johnny head-in-the-clouds
CICS tools
Cloud initiatives from IBM
Blending mainframe technology with Apple, Blackberry, and Android - makes you think!
Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 user survey
IBM's Transactional Analysis Workbench
The importance of mainframe performance
The Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 - now available
Virtual IMS user group
Mainframe computing 2011
2010 mainframe review
Should you refrain from using Chorus?
Who cares about SyslogD on a mainframe?
Cloud and the future of mainframes
Mainframes still not all turned off yet!!
2010 Guide Share Europe Conference success
Android rules OK!
Mainframe security
Mainframes and cloud computing
Managing mainframes from your phone
The Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011
Where are they now?
SharePoint software enhancements
Cheaper mainframe data access?
A look at SharePoint
Getting your money's worth
DB2 - faster than a speeding bullet?
Making computing a recognized profession
Virtual IMS Connection user group - under threat
Three into one does go!
Mainframe Workbench from Compuware
Guide Share Europe letter to sponsors/exhibitors
z11, zNext, zEnterprise System, zWOW!
What is fair?
Poor mainframe performance
Do technical blogs help get the message out there or do they just confuse readers?
Change is the only constant!
Staying up-to-date with IMS
My personal cloud - Pogoplug reviewed
If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it!
Microsoft, clouds, silver linings?
Web futures - they are among us
Mainframe performance
The recession is over, IBM is in profit!
IBM-Oracle face-off
So sue me!
Linux on mainframes - 10 years old already
Facebook and Twitter
IMS logical relationships
What's going on - on my Open Systems Adapter?
Datacolor's Spyder3Express - a review
DB2 V10 for z/OS beta
Eye-Fi card - review
Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2010 user survey
Oracle versus IBM and DB2
The Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2010
Mainframe history
2009 - a review
zPrime for IMS
Social media - a business tool
Seeing is believing
IBM launches London Analytics Solution Centre - part 2
IBM launches London Analytics Solution Centre
Clouding your thoughts
Guest blog - Shadow ROI
GSE conference
The big daddy of virtualization just got better
A couple of HTML tips
Back by popular demand - the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2010
Mainframe futures
IMS Version 11
IMS - what's new?
Is an iPhone a me-phone?
Who said it could never happen?!
Young mainframers
Exploitation - good or bad?
Trust, bad debts, and the economy as a whole
CA Eclipsed
IMS Open Database
How old is old?
zPrime rattles a few cages
COBOL on the mainframe
zIIP and zAAP again
Crazy Talk 6
Who can you trust?
Mainframe specialty engines
Seek, and ye shall find
The mainframe - an exciting place to be!
The ultimate iPhone app - a mainframe!!
CA - hottest ticket in town
Sorry I missed your birthday - mainframe
CA upgrades its mainframe software
Trevor Eddolls - IBM Data Champion
IBM in Jeopardy
IBM, Sun, and Oracle
Magix Music Maker 15
Mainframe compilers
Good old CICS and COBOL
Sun and Clouds
Browser choices
Social networking and friends of friends
Windows on a mainframe!
No point being ageist
Twitter and W3C standards
When digital gets physical
Mainframe on a stick!
Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2009 user survey
The Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2009
The quick and the dead
CICS Explorer
Enterprise WOA
Final CSS tips
2008 - what happened?
Mish mash-ups
Hello - is anybody there?
Even more CSS tips
The Sun shines out of mainframes
Mainframes on a cloud
It's back!!
More CSS tips
CSS tips
Mainframe myths
Chrome - first reports
Desktop and mainframe integration
IMS - still life in the old dog!
InfoSphere Information Server
System z ideas come to your laptop!
Whatever happened to CICS Update?
Desktop choices
Search engine rankings
Joining the penguins
25 years of DB2
Birthday blog
More mainframe futures?
Sometimes small isn't beautiful
Mainframe futures?
Lookout PST files
A lingua franca for databases
I like the mainframe because...
Gloomy news for IMS?
Saving money with mainframes - revisited
Enterprise Information Integration
What's in a data centre - or the Wild Bunch ride again!
Saving money on mainframes
What a gadget!
Data Centre Automation - again
What is BPEL and should I distinguish between the music and the dancers?
2 become 1
IMS is dead!?!?
IBM and extinction-level events
Watch out for asteroids, IBM!
Data centre automation
Disaster recovery
IMS products
IBM launches its zX machine
Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2008 user survey
The Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2008
Data integration and mainframes
IBM futures - Elseworlds
Blog tag - I'm it!
Bringing home the bacn!
Costs, age, and hen's teeth
And now this year's news...
IBM - the future
Is anybody there?
SOA - still offers availability
IBM and Sun are very cosy!
Another one bites the dust!
IT Infrastructure Library
Rational mainframes
The War of the Web
IMS community virtual user group Web site
Database auditing
IMS at 40
Back-ups and archives
So Long and Thanks for All the Fish
Compliance, data storage, and Titans
How Green Was My Valley - and how green are my computers?
Office of the future?
Facebook - cocaine for the Internet generation?
The "dinosaur" lives on
Where am I?
Social networking
Viper 2
Good news for AIX users?
A year in blogs
The times they are a-changin'
Where can you go for help?
Let's hear it for Power6
IBM acquisitive and dynamic
SOA still making an impact
Virtualization - a beginner's guide to products
When is a mainframe not a mainframe?
The Color Purple
We hate Microsoft - or is it Microsoft hates everybody else!
Aglets - a new way for mobile computing
On Demand versus virtualization
Sign of the Zodiac
Big Blue goes green?
CICS V3.2 - do I need it?
SOA - Same Old Architecture
Legacy application modernization
Vista - final connections
DB2 9.1 for z/OS
Vista - first reports
Arcati Yearbook 2007
User interface facade
Alternatives to Microsoft
z/VM virtualization
Mainframe futures... (part 2)
Mainframe futures... (part 1)
Virtualization - it's really clever
I say I say I say!
Extending a small network
DB2 performance tip
Getting the most out of CICS
Get Mainframe Weekly on your desktop
Christmas toy or useful tool?
Oracle talks about the future
AJAX and Enterprise Extender
IBM's new virtualization tool
What's Project ECLipz?
Wireless working
What's the OpenDocument Format?
More mainframe information
Mainframe information
DB2 9 - some interesting features
Putting it all together...
Life, the universe, and everything
Web 2.0 - more than just "marketecture"
AJAX - a big step in the right direction
Host Access Client Package for Multiplatform announcement
A heads-up for CICS people
Viper - no snake in the grass
It's a jungle out there!
What's going on with CICS?

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