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What can iTech-Ed Ltd do for you?
iTech-Ed is able to offer (and has done so in the past) the following services:

  • Consultancy on a wide variety of mainframe-related areas including SOA, AJAX, Web services, z/OS, DB2, CICS, ESBs, TCP/IP, application development, virtualization, security, auditing, etc.
  • Produce White Papers based on information supplied by a company.
  • Produce technical documentation for internal use by companies. This includes highly-technical information as well explanatory information for non-technical staff.
  • Write up internal documentation for publication in specialized journals.
  • Edit already-written copy to avoid ambiguities and eliminate any technical errors.
  • Rewrite technical information for use on corporate Web pages.
  • Analyse and write-up survey results.
  • Perform software reviews for publication on the Web and in print journals.
  • Design and create Web sites to fit W3C standards.
  • Provide in-house training in a variety of areas, running from one hour to three days depending on the needs of the trainees. Training is accompanied by appropriate documentation for each person.

If you need help with any of these areas, or with any training, contact Trevor Eddolls at iTech-Ed.
iTech-Ed's telephone number and street address are shown here.

About Trevor:
Trevor Eddolls has a background in using, and training people to use, IBM mainframes and communications equipment. For 30 years he has been increasing his knowledge and using the information by: presenting sessions at, and chairing, technical seminars in the UK and Europe; writing technical articles, which have been published in a number of journals both in the UK and the USA; helping journalists who need expert comments or explanations about recent events in the world of computing; and, for many years, edited a number of specialist monthly journals for the acknowledged mainframe-experts, Xephon. Trevor edits and produces the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook (including the highly-regarded user survey). He also runs the Web-based Virtual IMS Connection user group. This involves chairing regular webinars and writing and editing the regular newsletter. Trevor's regular blogs are often quoted and republished - he was a finalist in the Computer Weekly Blog Awards 2009. He has also produced a number of podcasts for other organizations. He designs and codes Web sites, and Trevor became an IBM Data Champion in 2009.

Click here for Trevor's CV (resume).

Company history:
iTech-Ed was formed by Trevor Eddolls and associates in February 2004. Its mission is to provide a source of highly-technical information and expertise for people using IBM mainframes, servers, the Internet, mid-range computers, and PCs.

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