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Publications edited:

iTech-Ed has a huge amount of experience and expertise editing technical mainframe-based publications.

iTech-Ed has edited and produced the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook since 2008. The 2011 edition is currently available for download here.

iTech-Ed also edits the bi-monthly newsletter for the Virtual IMS user group and the Virtual CICS user group.

Until October 2007, iTech-Ed produced each month the following specialist journals for TCI Publications' Xephon division:

  • z/OS Update (formerly MVS Update) - for users of IBM's z/OS and OS/390 operating systems, which now includes Linux.
  • CICS Update - for users of IBM's CICS transaction processing system.
  • DB2 Update - for users of IBM's DB2 database system and its non-mainframe counterpart DB2 UDB.
  • WebSphere Update (formerly MQ Update) - for users of IBM's WebSphere products for communication and integrating large and small computers into one coherent system.
  • AIX Update - for users of IBM's Unix-based mid-range system.

In addition, iTech-Ed produced the following quarterly specialist journals:

  • RACF Update - for users of IBM's mainframe-based security product.
  • TCP/SNA Update - for users of all types of networks.

iTech-Ed also produced the Glossary section of The Arcati Mainframe Yearbooks since 2005.

iTech-Ed also produced MAINFRAME NEWS for Enterprise Data Center - a monthly journal for mainframers.

Trevor has also been responsible for producing a weekly Web-based technical newletter called Mainframe Week and a monthly Web-based newsletter called Mainframe Month.

If you need anything written, contact Trevor Eddolls at iTech-Ed.
iTech-Ed's telephone number and street address are shown here.

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